Gaslabs has developed a new technology of EXTRACTING CO2 FROM BIOMASSES. It has set up serveral plants running on Biomasses and demands are pouring. while introducing this technology for the first time in the world Gaslabs Asia is constantly working on design innovations of its plant based on fertilizer gases, breweries and distilleries to extract even more wealth from waste. Gaslabs' flue gas plant uses boiler or any furnace flue gas as a raw material thus doing away with costly liquid fuel which is generally costlier in Asian contexts.

The flue and biomass gas plants can be designed in the different capacities ranging from 30kg per hour to 2000kg per hour depending on the available input and client requirement.

Other options may be the plants that run on waste hard coke, nut coke, breeze coke and pearl coke.


Gaslabs Asia plants are designed to use industrial bye products as their raw material, which works as a boon for DISTILLARIES and BREWERIES where fermented gases are produced in plenty and otherwise would go waste. GASLABS ASIA PLANTS RECOVER ODOUR-FREE, FOOD GRADE CO2 FROM THEM. Plants themselves are 100% POLLUTION-FREE causing no environmental imbalances, instead they capture CO2 which otherwise would have been mingled with the environment.

Gas quality is guaranteed to be food grade and 99.99% pure in most cases. These plants are not only cost-effective in running but they are MOST REASONABLY PRICED to install too!-as they comparative study vis-a-vis to their features will reveal

In our CO2 production plants based on any fuel burning we can co-produce N2 and DISTILLED WATER as well.


Undoubtedly Europe was first to use CO2 for industrial purposes. It's countries designed various plants and innovated new technologies, spreading them out to the world.

But unfortunately, in design Western Industry even now supports the 'Disposable' tag. A good reason for this may be the cost of repair & maintainence though. While the opposite is true for Asia. Though Gaslabs Asia makes widest range of plants ( from semi-automatic to full PLC computer controlled) it supports the Asian line. All Gaslabs' plants are MODULAR IN DESIGN with JUST RIGHT AUTOMATION, thus making maintainence and repair easy & cheap. Gaslabs' plants also have plenty of space in their floor plan which is relatively less costly in Asia.

JUST HOW MUCH AUTOMATION does a client need? Many times a total automation, for an Asian environment may not prove to be as effective and hassle-free as manual or semi automated processes. At Gaslabs Asia, our first concern is plant uptime, productivity and automation-in that order.


We believe that New Ideas should prove their dependability and we implement it with conviction. Our own CO2 plants work as testing ground to our innovations before they are commercially made available to our clients. This also gives us an opportunity to understand their problems which they might encounter in future. We make every attempt to eliminate them at design level itself.

At Gaslabs Asia new ideas get into practical shape only when they have withstood our rigorous testing measures and have proven their dependability.

For example our Biomass Plant took 5 long years to see the light of the day.

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