Perfect safeguards are incorporated in design against water and power failures, and also to keep the reaction temperature well under control.

NITROUS OXIDE at room temperature and atmospheric pressure is a colorless gas with a barely perceptible sweet odor and taste. It is non-flammable but will support combustion. At higher temperature nitrous oxide decomposes into nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrous oxide is moderately soluble in water, alcohol and oils. N2O, also known as laughing gas finds its use as anesthetic agent. So far this has become a standard anaesthetic agent world over and medical operations are performed with the help of this gas. There are other uses of nitrous oxide which have been developed in food, cosmetics and electronic industry, for example it has become a good whipped cream propellant. This has become a propellant for high quality perfumes and cosmetics. It is used for Cryosurgery. Nitrous oxide as an oxide gas for atomic absorption in spectrophotometer and as fuel oxidant for racing vehicles.

The slight oxidizing property of N2O is used for ‘etching’ microchips. This application is now consuming upto 30% of all the nitrous oxide produced in Korea and Japan. With the increase in standard of living of third world countries nitrous oxide consumption is bound to increase.

  nitrous oxide gas plant, anaesthetic gas plant
Chemical formula N2O
Molecular weight 44.0128
Specific volume
at 15°C and 1 atm
Specific gravity (air=1)
at 15°C and 1 atm
Specific heat
at 15°C and 1 atm
Cp 0.866kj/kg (°C)
Purity is minimum 99.9% and it very well meets the European and American Pharmaceutical standards.
For 25 kg and 50 kg/hr plant


2.1kg/kg of N2O produced
Electrical Power 
0.5kw/hr of N2O produced


+/- 1% is depending on local
conditions & equipment.


0.4%m3/kg of N2O produced

2 operators per shift.

  Space for Plant 16kg-25kg/hr. 50kg/hr.

10 meter

15 meter

4 meter

5 meter

4 meter

4 meter

The provision of water effluent treatment plant (optional) makes the customer utilise the acidic water effluent coming from the plant. The acidic water is neutralized, filtered and used back.

The water consumption becomes much less. If effluent treatment is not installed then effluent has to be thrown out and water consumption is almost 300 liter per hour. The electrical consumption is very little in the plant. The installed load is mainly due to compressor motor, refrigeration compressor and heaters of driers.


A cylinder testing station (optional) can be provided to test cylinders. Similarly, a vacuum pump can be also provided to evacuate the cylinders received from customers which might be containing some left over impure nitrous oxide.


A small laboratory is a must to maintain complete analysis of batch produced in the plant. The plant is automatic and required only 2 persons to operate per shift besides a chemist.


Nitrous oxide plants supplied are have capacities from 15kg/hr, 25 kg/hr, 50kg/hr and 100kg/hr. Plants are skids mounted to minimize erection time at site.


Not only we install the plant but also we train your people to become good operators to run the plant independently. We prove the quality (after getting the gas tested by user) quantity and fill the cylinders, and then only leave the site.


Gaslabs Asia takes into account prevailing asian preconditions while designing it’s gas plants. Industrial conditions are a lot different in asia than european and american subcontinent. Considerations of floor area, labour cost (skilled and unskilled) are never the same for asia and it can afford maintenance, repair and a little more space for installation in place of deploying a fully automized, disposable version of gas plants, which may not give them the best cost-benefit ratio. Gaslabs Asia offers the designs which are modular, making the maintenance easy, and affordable. And automation too is chosen with care as to what and how much might suit to particular industrial consumer and give him maximum production mileage.


We leave ample room in plant layout and floor plan. The extra space gives enough room to the workers and helps them into moving around freely during plant operation-a must with a gas like N2O.



Gaslab Asia ensures in every gas plant design that its production capacity is used to its maximum while keeping inputs at minimum without compromising on gas purity, which is always at par with the world standards.

Gaslabs Asia also offers maintenance and training program to its customers while supplying all sorts of workforce to run the plant if and when needed.

  • Product purity meets world standards.
  • World's best yeild guaranteed in our plant.
  • Special safety features incorporated in the plant.
  • Sub-assemblies from world-renowned manufacturers.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Decomposer and Melter separately mounted and controlled.
  • Online moisture meter installed.
  • Complete laboratory eqiupment for testing of gas is provided with plant as standard accessory.
  • Double drier provided.
  • Skid mounted, modular design occupies less space.
  • Free training and good after sale service.

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